Hii Guys!! I hope you all are amazing as always and also keeping precautions and keeping yourselves safe in such tough times. So, as you must have read from the title itself that this blog is all about house hunt in Goa. And here I will be sharing my personal experience of our little home in Goa away from home in Delhi. In this article, I have included everything you need to know before settling down in Goa for both short term and long term as a couple or a family and even alone. 

P.S. – We are a couple with both having remote jobs. Looking for a homely flat/house for about 6-7 months.


So, now you know what is coming ahead. Believe me, this is all my “SAAR” in these small paragraphs. I have tried to cover each part of our struggle in finding the perfect place. I would be dividing the article into days as Day1, Day2 for your better understanding and so that it helps you to plan your house hunt and would also provide some tips and tricks to find the best-suited house for you.

Our flat requirements were pretty simple. We were looking for a fully furnished 2BHK with a proper kitchen, fridge, microwave, gas stove and cylinder, minimum utensils, 2 beds with mattresses, washroom, washing machine, a balcony, cupboards, mirror, hall with sofa, ACs in both the rooms and cozy home-like vibe. Also, car parking was a must and we both are afraid of dogs so a place where the owner doesn’t have dogs or cats. Apart from this, we were not much stressing on wifi as you must be thinking because we both have remote jobs

I wanted it to be as near to Baga and Calangute beaches as possible. I just feel the vibe of these beaches and connect to them the most. Also, another reason being, if we found a place near it would be easier for us to commute even after work on regular days for an evening or after-dinner walk along the beach. After all, this was the whole purpose of moving to Goa.

We did three things for searching for the best place.


I joined Goa Facebook groups and pages as much as possible and kept posting there. I started posting about my flat/house requirements way ahead, so that when we reach Goa, at least we had some options in hand that we can see some places asap.  Also, it helped us to take our decision of moving to Goa as finding a place that we both like with proper washrooms, beds, kitchen, and entirely furnished with network connectivity was our priority. Later we realized that since we will be coming by our car we would need a flat/house with parking at premises facility.

A special tip here -> DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE COMMENTS OF OTHER RELEVANT POSTS. They are so helpful. I even dropped messages to those comment posters and even called many, about 50-60 random people.

My personal experience, Facebook pages, and groups might land you a stealth deal if your budget is quite high.

Resources :

We have been to Goa about 2 times now, and we had built some small connections here. We used every bit of connection to help us out in our search as we were in Delhi, so it was not possible to come again and again just to see the places. Goans are usually nice in this sector. They helped us a lot. Some even showed very good options that I will be sharing later in the article. To be specific, we messaged people from whom we have rented the scooters when we visited earlier and the Airbnb owners at whose places we stayed. I even messaged the caretakers of the bnbs, if they might have any options.


Another option for us sitting in Delhi, looking for options was websites like Magicbricks,, and others. I did not reach out to anybody at these websites because I was keeping this as an option to consider and call people when we reached Goa.

So, let’s come back to our 3-day hunt for the perfect place in Goa.


Here, I am counting my day 1 as the next day from the day we reached Goa. Both I and my partner are working and have our offices ( 10:30 – 7:30), so we kept deadlines and decided to extend it in case we were not able to find a place we both could agree upon.

Luckily Day 1 for us was Saturday. So, we had no office and more time for searching. I had already messaged some of the acquaintances like the scooters rental people and the Airbnb owners if they had any options. One of them had responded with a very good option. Two options from the same owner. As we were too tired and had to check-in at our Airbnb, we decided to see these options on Day 1 and take the journey ahead from there.

Option 1 – A fully furnished very beautiful Villa. I Rent – 25k excluding water and electricity bill.

The interior of the villa was very nice. It had everything we wanted along with the parking and kitchen and all. But … yes there is a but, the place was situated in the area where the water clogging on the road as usual and it was far from the market. Also, one thing it was kind of newly constructed with not many people staying around. So, all this leads us to – NO for this villa.

If we were shifting with the family we would have for sure taken this place. As connectivity and everything would not have been an issue then.

Option 2 – A 2BHK floor I Rent – 25k excluding water and electricity bill.

The interior of this one was okayish. And also, the owner lived on the ground floor. We did not like the flat that much, it was like if we did not find anything we can take it otherwise no.

Day 1 ended with nothing much in our favor and I had started losing hope. Also, as our budget was about 18-20k finding a good place in that range was becoming difficult. On the way back to our Airbnb, I again started my search contacted people from Facebook groups and pages. I also noted down 6-7 flats in the nearby areas from Magicbricks and Olx. Yes, OLX isn’t it strange as in Delhi Olx is almost of very little use. But in Goa, strangely people use Olx,, 99acres like websites.


The first thing I did on Day 2, that was Sunday was to call all the owners of the flats and even some brokers. Though our budget was not to pay brokerage but still we were looking for some hope. Sunday appeared to us in the start as a waste day for us reason being, all of the owners of the flats I contacted were either in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and had given keys to brokers who were not ready to show us any flats on Sunday (it is a holiday for them).

So, I only talked on calls and fixed meetings for Monday. We got lucky in the evening one of the brokers agreed to show us 2 flats and another owner arranged for a visit to another flat on our continuous asking.

We wanted to finalize something asap before Tuesday as we were tight on schedule and also because of our offices. Another thing we had booked Airbnb for 3 days only, which we were planning to extend in case of no clue with our hunt.

Let’s come to the options now.

Option 1 – 2bhk fully furnished flat in an apartment near a resort | Rent 20K + Brokerage 10k excluding bills

Nice place with hotel-like interiors. It was fully furnished with ACs and all. But no parking space. Yet, the place was nice with a good vibe, so, we kept it as an option.

Option 2 – 2bhk furnished floor | Rent 25k +Brokerage 10k excluding bills

The place was not at all good. And after hearing the price we were like “Man, what is this”. Also, the owner had a very big dog. So, it was a “NO, NO” for us.

Option 3 – 2bhk in a resort | Rent 22k excluding bills

It seemed to us from photos that it is a very good flat in a resort. But when we went to the location and saw it, it was the total opposite. The flat was on the top floor of the resort. And it seemed to me like no one was living there for a very long time. Everything was broken, windows and all.

Even the resort was in a demolished state with no one nearby. When we were talking to the owner, the main gate of the flat thrashed and closed and it was a “BIG NO”. We are so scared, we just ran off the place asap.

So, till now we had 1 option: 2bhk fully furnished flat in an apartment near a resort | Rent 20K + Brokerage 10k excluding bills.

We decided to go to this 20k flat again at night and see how it looks at night and where can we park our car as the flat did not have on-premises parking. AND WE GOT LUCKY THAT NIGHT.

While looking for the place, we found a house on which it was written: “House to let”. Ohoohooo, I was like “Stop the car bro, stop the car, I will go and see if someone is there.” To mention here it was around 11:30 P.M. But, we had all our luck to our side, the owner Aunty of the house was awake and infact out for some reason. I rushed towards her and asked, “if the flat is still available”. She said “YES”.

She asked if we wanted to see the flat at that hour. I immediately said “Yes”. She was too cute and nice. The vibe was overall excellent. We went to see the place, it was very nice on the first floor. It was a well-furnished 2Bhk with ACs in both rooms, fridge, washing machine. As a cherry on top, it was very spacious with a balcony and a parking space. We were so happy with the place. It felt like home.

We did not say much to Aunty, as we both had these thoughts in our mind and we needed to discuss them. But, internally I felt it was a stealth deal. We discussed the same while returning back to our BnB and agreed that we will finalize this place after seeing the options for tomorrow(if we did not find the desired place).


Day 3 was pretty hectic for us. We had to go to places and it is a Monday, it was an office day.

Option 1 – 2BHK in a resort, third floor I Rent 24K excluding bills

We had one more flat to see today. It was again a 2BHK flat in a resort. It was a nice flat, a spacious one though. And was a good place. But, now we were comparing it with Aunty’s flat. Also, we started comparing it in terms of stability and help as we are new to Goa and don’t know the locals, in that case having someone to help us out was also emerging as a necessary condition.

Option 2 – 2BHK in a very bad condition

The broker who took us to this flat also showed another option. But it was too bad. Not worth it at all.

I think you must have guessed till now. So, “YES” we took up Aunty’s 2BHK which is very close to Baga and Calangute only about 5 mins drive by car. And we both are so happy that we found THE PERFECT PLACE to be our HOME AWAY FROM HOME for the next few months.

So, the old school Moral of the House Hunt is – “To keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or to communicate with the locals. They will surely help you out. Don’t forget to check out OLX and Facebook groups.”

P.S. – My Suggestion tries to start your search for the right place way ahead I will say about 1 month before.