The largest city in the state of Meghalaya is Shillong . It is aptly called ‘Scotland of the East, a hidden gem among the valleys, hills, and mountains. It is   often proclaimed as a bustling hill station. Shillong retains the charm of the British colonial period. It is located in the northeastern part of India at an altitude of 4908 ft. Shillong offers the best place to enthral with its beautiful waterfalls, dreamy landscapes, and mesmerising hotspots. It further unravels its scintillating attractions from Lady hydari Park; elephant falls, Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures, Umaim lake, and so on. 

I personally feel a week is not enough to explore the serenity of this calm place encircled by pine trees. After all, Shillong is the only hill Station that is accessible from all sides. It is known for its soothing climate, suitable for all seasons. It  has its own ancient culture and heritage. One can find the Maharam, Khyrim, Mylliem, Bhowal, Langrim, and Mallaisohmat tribes. Till now, Shillong has hosted numerous musical concerts such as NH7 Weekender 2015, Submerge dance crew, etc. 

You won’t regret your trip to this cute and unique green hill station at all. Also, if you are looking for panaromic beauty and sceneries, Shillong is your long lost paradise. This small town has so much to offer which excludes a certain romance, especially in its striking highlands. And also, the places serves as the incomparable destination for all the monsoon lovers.

Best Time to visit Shillong:

Serenity of Meghalaya
Serenity of Meghalaya

Although Shillong could be seen any time of the year because the beautiful hill Station is a must-visit destination for anyone throughout the year. But, just like tropical India, Shillong experiences different climates. The summer here experiences 25 degrees Celsius. People flock together to explore this city and its surrounding areas. It is also considered as the peak season. During winters the temperature in Shillong is 16 degrees Celsius. The summer months start from March to June, which offers clear views. It is the peak season. Where tourists flock The city and its surrounding regions.

 The Winter season lasts from November to February, which is an ideal time to visit despite seeing the lesser number of tourists. It is the best winter destination for honeymooners due to the eccentric views of snow-clad peaks giving a mesmerising experience. The epic season is during the monsoon. One gets to experience the heavy rainfall, which is common to see, but it is ideal for a romantic getaway or an adventurous escapade as the lakes and rivers are in full swing. During this monsoon season, the tribal festival of behdienkhlam occurs, which gives a glimpse into this culture. 

Shillong has an array of attractions to quench everyone’s thought of wanderlust.

Places to visit in Shillong:

This cosmopolitan city unravels many uninterrupted views and scenic drives which surprise you at every level. The first place that strikes about this place. When someone talks about Shillong, it is Cherrapunji, the wettest place in India to receive the maximum amount of rainfall. 

Here are some of the best ecstatic places to visit in Shillong.

Umiam Lake:

The sparkling waters of the Umiam lake are located 15 km away. From  the main city Shillong. You can add this place on your itinerary to have  an opportunity. To visit this pristine beauty of heaven on Earth. This artificial beauty also derives its name as Barapani, which means vast lake. The place offers an array of activities from kayaking, Skiing to scooting. The tourism of Meghalaya has developed various water activities to attract its tourists. It is the best sport for some happy picnic moments. Experiencing houseboating on the lake. To the other shore of the lake is called Lumpongdeng island. 

Night camping at the lakeside and waking up to watch the scenic views is nothing less than a paradise.

All Saints Cathedral:

This colonial-style architecture with wooden roofs is a hidden beauty in this city is  All Saints Cathedral. It is one of the remaining churches in Hill Station. Severely damaged by an earthquake in 1897. It is set in the lush green lawns surrounded by old trees opposite the state central library.

Elephant Falls:

Calmness in Shillong
Calmness in atmoshpere

Explore the serenity of the elephant falls, which is a few minute’s drive away from Shillong peak. The falls is a series of three waterfalls initially called as 

Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew’ in Khasi. Later it was named Elephant falls due to its lookalike rock structure of baby elephants. This place is a magnificent beauty with an enormous amount of serene and calm atmosphere.

Shillong Peak:

Shillong Peak is the treasure of locales. At an elevation of 6449 ft, it gives total picturesque views of the entire town. The Hill point of view sometimes is obstructed by clouds during monsoons. The viewpoint is famous among tourists. The peak is believed to be the abode of the deity which protects the city.

Local visits to shillong teer result
Local Visits

Don Bosco Museum:

Don Bosco Museum is built-in a hexagonal shape with seven floors. It is the replica of  the seven states of North East India. Truly one of the best places to visit in Shillong, which preserves its history. The Don Bosco Museum, located in Mawlai, is the largest museum for indigenous culture. The museum has a specialised library that consists of 10,000 volumes. 

Lady Hydari Park:

This built-in Japanese-style Park is a recreational area for Shillong Sites. Lady hydari Park was named after the wife of the General-Governor of Assam. The park has a spacious small zoo within itself. The Park is blessed with  beautiful lawns, gardens and  a mini-zoo. Spring is the best time to visit the park as the garden is filled with blooming flowers. 

Laitlum Canyons:

Laitlum Canyons is a stunning place for a good view of panoramic hills and scenic beauty. Just a 45-minute drive away from the city. To explore this canyon. Laitlum is one such place which has been explored recently. The site is almost serene to witness the beautiful deep canyons, hills,  gorges, and valleys. 

Police Bazaar

From shopping for handicrafts, clothes to tasting the local and international delicacies or looking for budget hotels to crash in, Police Bazaar will cater to all your needs in Shillong. One of the busiest places in Shillong, which offers charming Meghalaya merchandise to regional apparel junk Jewelry, and alike. Police Bazaar has everything to offer.

Some of the other places to visit are the Air force museum, Mawphlang, ward’s lake, David Scott trail, Phan Nonglait Park, spread eagle falls, and so on.

How to reach:

Shillong is the most significant capital in Meghalaya, situated between the heavenly Garo and Khasi hills with eccentric, beautiful spots. 

Car ride on road in sunny weather, motion blur

By Air: Shillong airport is located in umroi. It is located  40 km away from the city. But Guhawati airport is the better option which is located 104km from Shillong. Guwahati is well-connected to all major cities in the country. From Guhawati It takes 3 hours to reach Shillong. 

By Rail: The nearest railway station in Shillong is Guhawati. It is located 105 km away from Shillong as there is no railway connectivity in Meghalaya. 

By Bus: Buses run by the Assam State Transport Corporation and Meghalaya Transport Corporation are the main interstate buses that pass through the two major highways of Shillong. The roads are smooth and in good condition. So you can travel via private car, cab or  bus and explore the hidden treasure amidst greenery. 

Things To Do In Shillong:

Shillong, the land of caves and waterfalls with thriving wonders of nature, will make a fantastic down memory lane. Here are the top things to do in Shillong which will relish your memories. 

The Iewduh Market:

Visit this Iewduh Market, which is also called Bara Bazaar. It is a favourite spot to explore, with several stalls selling numerous things. 

Pay a visit to Mawlynnong:

Mawlynnong : Meghalaya

The cleanest village in Asia, which is a 4-hour drive from Shillong. The place has a single-layered living root bridge. Visiting this village should be your top priority. When you visit shillong. As it has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there, one can reach the vantage point called sky view. 

Camping under the stars:

We were staying in the cosy tent under the full view of stars in the sky. Sitting beside the bonfire and camping with Friends is the best feeling. Shillong offers the best experiences under the night of camping. Some of the hotspots for camping are Mawlynnong rainforest, Khasi Hills, and Dawki.

Shillong Golf Course:

Golfer hitting golf shot with club on course vintage color tone

Also known as “Gleneagle of the East”, the Shillong golf course is the largest and oldest natural golf course in the world. The beautiful rhododendron trees and green pastures sprawled on the green grass is a must place to visit. 

Discover the Uniqueness of Shillong:

Shillong has the best of everything to offer. From lovely churches, stunning waterfalls, Caves to Cascading hills are the best to discover. However, the cafes in Shillong are icing on the cake, which serves the best snacks. Shillong’s favourite Tibetan momos and mouth-watering burgers, German sausages, are the best dishes here. 


Shillong being the far east city, is still left untouched. Visiting Shillong is the best experience to withstand the serenity and its beauty. Shillong should be your following checklist to see in North East India. The people here are kind and down to earth. Shillong has the best of everything to offer, from historical treasures for nature lovers to rich indigenous cultures. 

Also, if you are looking for more details and trip experiences and advice. Stay tuned. Till then why not have your next holiday destination as Goa. Excited? Want to know more.

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